Things moving online is a great relief in the modern day and age. Everything that is of importance is now just a few taps away. Be it a son trying to communicate to his mother miles away, or be it you storing your holiday photographs online. Even things like ordering milk or even laundry has now gone online. Baking too has been moving online at a very rapid pace.


SBI Online Internet Banking services offer a much larger range of services than what people think they offer. It allows the users to perform a very diverse form of functions. The SBI Life Insurance Policy tracking, Registration details, and much more can now be accessed online. Let us take a look at the detailed features:


SBI offers the users of Life Insurance Policies a special service, by which they can know the status of their policy online. For the Policy Holders this comes as a great benefit. SBI Online features are indeed quite a blessing! Users can create an account and enroll their policies online. Customer support too, is available.

Those who have SBI Insurance Policy can check the status via SBI Online Policy Tracker. This feature of SBI Online helps the users keep track of the time when they are supposed to pay the premium. This is of great help as those who do not pay their premium on time might have their policy lapsed, or be asked to pay additional fees. This SBI Online Policy Tracker helps the users stay updated and lets them know the time by which they need to make their payments.

While the users can contact an SBI Life Policy agent or customer care at any time to know about the time and details of their policy, they can also do it online via SBI Online Policy Tracker which is a quick process.


Users need to create an account via SBI My Policy to make use of the SBI Online Policy Tracker service. Users would need their Policy Number, Customer ID, Email ID, and their date of birth to register. They can then choose a login name of their choice, and then create a secure password. After they have registered the users can log in and check the details.

The SBI Online Policy Tracker allows the users to set alerts for their premium dates, and they can also get alerts via SMS. In addition to all this, users of this service can also pay their premium online with the help of bullet payments. Users can pay the amount via SBI Online payment methods of MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Internet Banking, Diners Credit Card among other options.

Users can choose a number of plans online, which include wealth creation by taking an insurance plan, or a pure insurance term plan, or an annuity plan for regular income. Insurance helps give the consumers a peace of mind that they are secure in times of need, and their dear ones are secure after they are gone. SBI Life also has a number of group plans that users can explore from.


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