How to Login to SBI Online Corporate Banking

How to Login to SBI Online Corporate Banking

Banking looks easy but is complex, Although involves several humans managing a bank. When it goes online, it tends to become quite complex for first-time users. The SBI Online banking can be divided into two sections – Personal banking and Corporate banking.

How to Login to SBI Online Corporate Banking

The Corporate Banking section allows the users to easily log into the non-personal segment of SBI online banking. It allows the users to manage their corporate banking transactions with great ease.

How to Login to OnlineSBI Corporate Banking?

The State Bank of India has already created a separate portal called OnlineSBI for Internet banking. Yet, a lot of people with corporate SBI account end up using their credentials on SBI Online Personal Banking login section. So to avoid such problems in future, We will be explaining the steps to Login to the corporate banking section on OnlineSBI banking website.

Step 1: Visit the official SBI Online Banking website,

A lot of people end up visiting the official website of State Bank of India instead of the official internet banking site for SBI. So if you are new to SBI Internet banking, it is important for you to know & remember that is the official site for SBI Online Banking.


Step 2: Go to Corporate Banking Side on SBI Online.

As mentioned above, the banking accounts are of two types, Personal and Corporate banking. To Login to SBI Online corporate banking.You would see two sections, Personal Banking on the left and Corporate Banking on the right. You will have to navigate or move the mouse towards the Corporate banking area on SBI Online portal.

Step 3: Select the Type of Corporate Account you have


There, you would be met with a drop-down box, which will showcase various options: Saral, Vyapar, Vistaar, Khata, Khata Plus and Supply Chain finance. Choose the option based on the kind of corporate account you have registered with SBI and click on Login button.

Step 4 – Enter SBI Netbanking Login Detailssbi-online-corporate-banking-2

On clicking the Login button mentioned in the previous step, you will be redirected to the SBI Online corporate site. You will be shown some ‘Dos and Donts’ and you will also see a Login button. Click on the Login button and enter the SBI Online Internet banking username and password and click on Login. That’s it, if your username and password combination is correct, you’ll be logged into the SBI online corporate banking.

Features of SBI Online Corporate Banking

The online form of corporate banking makes managing businesses much easier. For all sorts of transactions, the owners of this corporate account do not need to move to bank time and again for their business needs. They can now manage it online with the help of SBI online internet banking. Here are some things that the Corporate Banking users can do easily with SBI online banking –

  • Pay Utility Bills
  • Collect Fee Online
  • Pay EPF Subscription online
  • Customized MIS
  • Make easy merchant payments
  • Pay taxes to the central and state government

These are all the features, which in the past required the merchant to go to the bank time and again every major transaction was needed to be performed. With the arrival of SBI Online Corporate Banking, life has become much easier not just for the corporate users, but also for the bankers, as a lot of their workload has been overtaken by the internet banking mechanism.


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