How To Login to Online SBI Personal Banking

How To Login to Online SBI Personal Banking

SBI Online is a service by the Indian banking giant, the State Bank of India. It was created to provide users with Personal Banking facilities. The SBI Online for Personal Banking ensures that the people who are subscribed to the service are able to keep complete control of their accounts & personal day-to-day transactions.


Since Internet transactions are increasing day by day, it becomes important for the banks to set up a portal (website). Such portals help users to Log in and manage their account via Online Portal. Which means, by having such portals banks can have people doing transactions online. It does not matter if you are a farmer living in rural parts of the nation, or a high-flying CEO in a Multi-National Corporation, the SBI Net Banking is quite easy to use. Let us take a look at some easy steps which help users log in to SBI Online Personal Banking

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There are two methods to Login to the SBI Online Personal Banking account

There are different types of banking accounts and there are different ways to log in to SBI Online. Since India is a country where internet speeds are uneven and such services should also be available to the people in the rural areas with slow internet speeds. If you have a good internet connection then you shall login via SBI personal banking login system. In case you are at a place where the internet connection is slow then you shall log in to SBI online via ‘SBI Online Lite Login’.

1. Login via SBI Personal Banking Login

This allows the PC users to log into their accounts with ease. This login is meant for people who have a higher bandwidth or a faster connection.

2. Login via ‘SBI Online Lite Login’

The ‘Lite’ Login is for the users who have a slower internet connection or are accessing their SBI Online bank account via mobile. This is for the users who have a slow internet connection.

How to Login to SBI Online

Step 1: Visit the SBI Online website,

The State Bank of India has created a separate portal for Internet banking in order to avoid confusion. You shall visit: and follow the instructions mentioned in this article, after following the instructions in this articles, you shall be able to successfully login to your SBI net banking account.


Step 2: Select Login or Login Lite on SBI Online Website

On the left side, there is an option that says ‘Personal Banking’, below which there are two options, Login and Login Lite. Depending on the kind of internet connection you are in, choose Login if you are on a fast connection, and login lite if you are on a slow connection.

Step 3: Click on Continue to Login Page on SBI Online Portal

After clicking the Login button, you will see a list of things that SBI wants you to ensure before you log in to SBI Online Personal Banking. Once you have read the message, click on continue to Login.


Step 4: Enter your Login Details – Username & Password

If you have the subscribed for Internet banking, then you shall have created a username and would have set the password. You shall use the username and the password and login to the SBI online portal. In case the password doesn’t work, you shall either reset the password or contact the home branch for a new password.

Key Features of SBI Online Personal Banking

Now that you have successfully logged into the SBI Online Personal Banking account, let us take a look at some of the key features of the Personal Banking services from SBI. It allows the users to perform some daily tasks in a much easy fashion and can be managed online. These are the tasks, for which the users needed to go out to different vendors, or to the bank in the past, but all of it can now be done via the SBI Online website or application:

  • Payment of DTH or Mobile bills
  • Blocking lost ATM cards with ease
  • Depositing E-Annuity Online
  • Buying E-Life Insurance Online
  • State Bank Virtual Card
  • Online payment of Taxes.

While there are many other features too, these are the key highlights of the SBI Online Personal Banking. Let us now take a look at the fund transfer facilities via SBI’s online banking services:

Fund Transfers via SBI Online Personal Banking

SBI Online Personal Banking allows the users to transfer the money with ease. Users can transfer between various kinds of accounts via various modes of payment, here’s the list of some of the popular forms of payment via SBI Online Personal Banking:

  • Intra-Bank (SBI to SBI) funds transfer.
  • NEFT Funds Transfer
  • RTGS Funds Transfer
  • IMPS Funds Transfer
  • NRI eZ Trade Funds Transfer

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