Online ATM PIN Generation

Online ATM PIN Generation

Online ATM PIN Generation: If you are an INTERNET banking user then you can change or generate ATM PIN through without visiting the branch.

Online ATM PIN Generation To change or Generate ATM PIN Follow these steps.

  •  Log onto and then click on ATM Card Services option under e-services tab, click on ATM PIN Generation.

Online ATM PIN Generation

  • To generate ATM PIN, as you can see we have two options.
  • If you want to generate by One Time Password then select “Using One TIme Password” option”.
  • And if you want to generate by profile password then select  “Using Profile Password” option.

Here We Are Selecting “Using Profile Password” option.

Online ATM PIN Generation

  • After choosing “Using Profile Password” option. you have to type the profile password  and click submit.
  • you will see all your accounts so select the account to which your ATM card is Linked, Of which you want to change the ATM PIN.

We Have Only One Account. And It Is Already Selected, Click Continue To Proceed.

  • Then You have to select the card for which you want to change the PIN, Most customers has only one Card, so we will select it. and Click Submit.
  • To Generate 4 digit PIN, we have to type first two digits here, and the last two will be sent on our registered mobile number, By doing so, we’ll get our 4 digit PIN so to generate PIN, type any two digits here and Click Submit.
  • After clicking submit, you will get the last two digits of your PIN on your registered mobile number

Online ATM PIN Generation

  • Now 2 digits entered by you and the 2 digits received through SMS so will make a combined new 4 digit PIN code type that new PIN code and click Submit.
  • After Clicking submit, you will get this message which says “New ATM PIN has been updated successfully” Now you can use your ATM cum Debit card with the new PIN.

Online ATM PIN Generation


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