How To Link LPG Customer ID to SBI Online
How To Link LPG Customer ID to SBI Online

Link LPG Customer ID to SBI Online

Link LPG Customer ID to SBI Online.

Thanks to the State Bank of India’s online banking initiatives, banking has become a much simpler process than it ever was. With SBI Online banking services, banking is now in your pocket! Users can transfer and receive money with a few taps, as well as perform a diverse range of actions with great ease. Gone are the days when we would line up in front of banks, awaiting our number in the queue, and then finally performing whatever that needed to be done. Life has become much simpler with SBI Online internet banking. Many tasks can be accomplished with this, and like a physical bank account, even the SBI online internet banking accounts can be easily linked to an LPG Customer ID.

Linking an LPG Customer ID to your SBI Online banking account is quite easy. Before we get into the details of how to do it, let us take a quick look at the LPG Subsidy Policy:

The LPG subsidy policy offers a subsidy of a fixed amount to every cylinder user. While the amount of the subsidy that is offered to the users keeps changing, the fact is, that the subsidy money is directly transferred to the bank account of the person on whose name the LPG cylinder comes. Hence it is critical to tie your LPG Customer ID to your bank account. SBI online banking makes this process a lot easier.

Steps to Link LPG Customer ID to SBI Online Bank Account

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Go to the personal banking section, on the left side of the screen, there would be two options – Login and Login Lite. For the users who are on a slower or spotty internet connection, or are using a mobile to browse, Login Lite is a better option. However we are choosing Login for this demonstration.


Step 3: Click on Login, read the instructions provided by the bank, and then click on ‘Continue to Login’. Following that, on the next screen, enter your user name and password, and login.

Step 4: After logging in, on the left side you would see an option called ‘Link LPG Customer ID’.


Step 5: On the screen that now comes, fill in the required details. Begin by selecting your account number, after which your mobile number would automatically be shown. After that, enter your 17 digit LPG Customer ID, and then confirm it. Click on submit.

Step 6:  After clicking on submit you would get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP here. This marks the end of the procedure. Your LPG Customer ID would be registered to your SBI Online Banking account in the next few hours.

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