How to do OnlineSBI Mobile Banking Registration

How to do OnlineSBI Mobile Banking Registration

The State Bank of India is one of the most trusted names when it comes to banking in India. The bank has been around for a really long time and has gained the trust of millions of citizens. The bank is a leading financial institute of the nation and has also evolved with the times. The bank now offers the users incredible mobile banking solutions with the help of SBI Online Mobile Banking.


There have been many questions which arise in the minds of people when it comes to mobile banking, but in reality, it is quite an easy thing to manage. Let us take a look at the ways in which one can register and activate mobile banking for their SBI online account.

It is quite important to link your mobile number with your SBI Online banking account, as it alerts you with all the transaction details from time to time, and lets you know about every movement in your account. SBI has made it compulsory from the March of 2015, that all the users must link their mobile number to their SBI online banking account, without which no transaction would take place.

How To Activate Mobile Banking on SBI Online

In order to get your mobile phone linked with the SBI online banking account, the users need to fill in a form which is available on the website, called the ‘State Bank of India Mobile Banking Service Registration Form’ which is attached here: SBI Online Mobile Banking Registration Form

You will have to fill the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Surname
  • User ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Account Number
  • Date
  • Signature

Interested users need to fill out this form, and submit it to their home branch. Upon doing this, their SBI Online account would soon be connected to their mobile number, which gives them an added layer of security, as well as always keeps the users alert about any transactions that happen through their account. This is a highly recommended thing to do, and we strongly suggest all our readers having their account on State Bank of India to activate it at once.

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