How to Create SBI Virtual Credit Card with SBI Online Banking
How to Create SBI Virtual Credit Card with SBI Online Banking

How to Create SBI Virtual Credit Card with SBI Online Banking

The State Bank of India is one of the leading financial institutions in the nation. The bank has been a pillar of the Indian banking and financial system for a long while. With the changing times, there has been a significant change which has been observed in the State Bank too, as it is progressing with progressive times. SBI Online internet banking services are among some of the most popularly used services in India. It provides the users with many features that replace traditional banking services, and eliminates the need of having to actually go to a bank and do manual transactions. In addition to that, the SBI Online banking website offers some exclusive services too, which are not a part of the traditional banking system, for example: SBI Virtual Credit Cards.

The SBI Virtual Credit Cards can easily be generated with the help of the SBI Online banking website. While getting a credit card is a lengthy and tiresome process in real life, a virtual credit card makes things much easier. Let us now take you through on how to create an SBI Virtual Credit Card. However, we would once again like to remind you that it can be created only by those who have an SBI online banking account!

Steps of How to Create SBI Virtual Credit Card with SBI Online Banking

Step 1: Go to the SBI online internet banking website –


Step 2: Head over to the section of Personal Banking that can be seen on the left side of the page. You will see two options there – Login, and Login Lite. Click on Login Lite if you are on a slow or spotty internet connection, or connected via mobile. For those with a stable internet connection we would recommend to use Login. For the purpose of this demonstration, we choose to click on ‘Login’.

Step 3: Read the instructions, click on ‘continue to login’. Following that, enter your user name and password, and login to the SBI Online Internet Banking website.

Step 4: On a bar on the top, there is a option called ‘E-Cards’. Click on it.

Step 5: You would directly land on the Virtual Credit Card page. You just need to select your account number, then enter the credit limit in the box below, and click on ‘generate’.


This is how you generate the SBI Virtual Credit Cards using SBI Online Banking website.

Benefits of SBI Virtual Credit Card:

The SBI Virtual Credit Card is a great tool for transactions. Let us take a look at the specifics and benefits:

  • Secure for Online Transactions as the risk of online fraud reduces. This is because the card has no direct connection between the merchant and your bank account.
  • These SBI Virtual Credit Cards automatically expire after a maximum of 48 hours. This further reduces any risk of misuse as the card would cease to exist in 48 hours after creation!
  • No separate registration is required for creation of an SBI Virtual Credit Card, and it can simply be created with the help of your regular SBI Online internet banking account.

One must keep in mind that these SBI Virtual Credit Cards work only with merchants who accept VISA payments.



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