The State Bank of India is one of the leading financial institutes in the nation. The bank has been the biggest name in the country’s banking system, and has brought forward many innovations to the way things are done. Banking as a whole has now been taken online, and the SBI Online Internet banking services are among the top names in that. The SBI Online internet banking allows the users to perform a diverse range of actions, and helps them save a lot of time.


Users no longer need to go to banks for basic things, and it saves the time of both, the users as well as the bankers. When it comes to things that the users can do from home, transferring money is one of them. Now when it comes to transferring money, there are broadly two kinds of people you can transfer money to – accounts in SBI, and accounts outside SBI. For those who need to transfer to accounts outside SBI, they need to add an ‘inter-bank beneficiary’ to their account which we have explained in a separate article. However, let us now take a look at those who need to transfer money to those who hold an account in SBI.

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How to add intra-bank beneficiary to SBI Online Internet Banking Account

Step 1: Go to the SBI Online Internet Banking website –

Step 2: On the left, you would see personal banking section. There would be two options there – Login, for the users on a stable internet connection, and Login Lite, for those who access the SBI Online internet banking site on a slower or a mobile connection. For this demonstration we would choose to Login to Personal Banking.

Step 3: Read the instructions provided by the SBI Online website, and click on ‘Continue to Login’. On the next screen, enter your username and password, and Login.

Step 4: On your dashboard, click on the ‘Profile’ tab.


Step 5: There, click on ‘Manage Beneficiary’.

Step 6: On the next screen, enter your SBI Online internet banking profile password. Keep in mind that entering it incorrectly three times would lead in your profile login getting blocked for 24 hours. It is not the same as your login password.

Step 7: After you have successfully logged in to your profile, click on ‘Inter Bank Beneficiary’.

Step 8: On the next screen you would be asked to fill certain details such as Name, Account Number, Confirm Account Number, and Transfer Limit. Following filling this information, click on submit. After that, on the next screen, click on ‘Approve Now’.


Step 9: On the next screen, click on ‘Approve Beneficiary’. On the screen that follows, click on ‘Approve through OTP’. Select the account of the beneficiary, and then enter the OTP that you have received on your registered mobile number. After you do that, click on approve. Your intra-bank  SBI Online beneficiary would be added in up to 4 hours.



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