Generating form 15G/15H Online
Generating form 15G/15H Online

Generating form 15G/15H Online

Generating form 15G/15H Online: If the interest your deposited amount in the bank is more than ten thousand rupees, then according to income tax rules, bank will deduct ” TDS “ on the interest earned by you and if your income is not taxable, and you want that the bank should not deduct TDS, then for that you have to file ” form 15G “ or 15H you do not need to go to the bank for that, it can be done done online.

Lets start with step by steps:

  • Well  open ” ” in browser
  • Click “login New Version” and then click on ” Continue To Login “
  • Type your username and password here and click on login,
  • Click on e- service tab, click on submit 15G/15H ,
  • There are two tabs, from 15G and 15H

If your age is less than 60 years then you have to file a form 15G and f your age is more than 60 years then you have to file form 15H you can select tab as per you need.

Generating form 15G/15H Online
Generating form 15G/15H Online

We are showing you how to submit form 15G. And the process of filling form 15H is same, you may see at the bottom those points so please read the points before proceeding.

After selecting the Form 15G you should select CIF Number will be shown on display and just submit it, select your branch code and again click on submit,

You’ll see the form of part 1 some information is already given, fill up the remaining information here ” whether assessed to tax” means do you file income tax return, if you file ITR then select yes, otherwise select no, well we’l go with yes, as you select yes, an option will get activated and then select the latest assessment year type the estimated total income of the year for Which you are giving this deceleration please note that it must contain above income also enter the total number of form 15G filled during the previous year, if any, other than this form then enter the aggregate amount of income for total number of form 15G filed, other than this form even you can check the details of income for which the deceleration is filled, by clicking the plus sign well you can see the details like identification number, nature of income etc.

Read the dcleration and click the check box to accept it and submit it to continue, verify the details and cick confirm by clicking, you’ll recieve a high security password on your registered mobile number, type it here, and click confirm, A confirmation message will appear that your request is successfully generated, you can dowload the form by clicking link below.



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