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Apply for cheque book online login to your onlinesbi account and go to the “Request & Inquiries” tab and click on the “Cheque Book Request” option

On next step/screen you will see all of your accounts, select the account for which you want cheque book.How Do I Apply for Cheque Book Online

At one time you can only issue 1 cheque book you can choose the number of cheque leaves you want, we have selected 20 here please note that through this online service you can request multiple cheque book only, and if you want a normal cheque book, you will have to go to your branch and request it the charges rated to the cheque book are given here click submit now

On next screen all the details are shown, now from here, you have to choose the delivery address i.e to which address this cheque book will be sent to you if you want to your cheque book to be delivered on address which is registered in the bank then select Registered Address option

If you want the cheque book to be delivered on the same address on which it was delivered previously,then select Last Available Dispatched address option and,

If you want the cheque book to be delivered to a new address, then click on “New Address” option and then give the details of your new address, well so here we are selecting the registered address option then click submit now.

Check the details of the cheque book and a onetime password that has been sent to your registered mobile number, enter it and click confirm

On next screen the message displayed that the request for issue of new cheque book has been accepted and the cheque book will be dispatched to the address within three working days

If you want to see the history of previous cheque book issue, then click on “History” tab then select the account whose details you want and then click on submit.

History of last 5 cheque book issues in the selected account will be available.


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