How to activate SBI online internet banking?

How to Activate SBI Online (OnlineSBI) Internet Banking

The State Bank of India has provided us Internet banking via OnlineSBI. The SBI Online portal enables us to do transactions online. Using OnlineSBI, we can transfer money, pay bills and do online shopping via selecting Net banking as the payment method.


The best thing about the SBI Online portal is, It is secure and can save a lot of time. You can also come to know about the latest schemes SBI has launched. In case you are worried about using your Debit card online on other sites, then via OnlineSBI’s portal, you can create a virtual debit card with an amount limit. So nothing more than the amount your willing to spend will be deducted.

Benefits of SBI Online Internet Banking

The very simple answer to this deep question is to save time. In today’s day and age, one cannot afford to go to the bank every time they have a need for a transaction to be done. Wasting time is a sin in the modern day world, and consumers have realized that.


While there might still be old fashioned consumers who would rather do things at the bank, going to the bank for every small need is quite impractical. In addition to that, many online purchases too can be made via SBI Online Internet Banking with ease. It is about the comfort that it provides, as well as the fact that it saves a lot of time.

How to Activate SBI Online Internet Banking

  1. SBI Online Internet Banking can be activated easily. All you need to do is to first visit your SBI branch where you hold an account.
  2. Over there you have to register for activating SBI Online Internet Banking via filling in a form.
  3. After you have registered, you will soon get your first-time login details via a post.
  4. After your receive the first-time login details, use them to log into your SBI Online Banking account – there, you need to create a new ID (username) and Password.
  5. Users need to create two kinds of passwords – Login Password, as well as a Profile Password.

How to Login To SBI Online Internet Banking

After you have received the mail, logged in to your account for the first time, and created a username and password for your account, you are now ready to use your SBI Online internet banking services.

Simply Log In to your account using this newly created username and password by going to Over there, on the left side, you would see text named ‘Personal Banking’ and ‘Corporate Banking‘. Depending on the type of account you have selected the option. Generally, people have a personal account so I’ll be showing you the steps to Login to the SBI Online Personal internet banking.

Under the Personal banking section, click on the ‘Login’ button if you are on a stable/fast internet connection. You can alternatively click on the ‘Login Lite’ button if you are on a slower/unstable connection or on mobile.


After clicking on Login, you would be met with another screen that comes with a set of instructions that detail the users on the safe usage of SBI Online Internet Banking services. After reading them, you can click on ‘Continue to Login’ button. In case you have a corporate account, then follow the steps to Login to Corporate banking

And finally, after clicking on ‘continue to login’, you would now be met with the final login screen where the users can put in their newly created username and password, and make use of the State Bank of India’s online banking services.

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  • Your sir please send my unlock INB also my request solution in the reference number is AL00825934. New account opening in INB also need the following user as being to request my registry mobile number send sms

  • Dear Sir/Madam
    I attached with your Natagarh(sodepur) SBI Branch. I applied Internet Banking through online. I got PPK No and User Name also one copy which was submitted to my Branch. But I have not using Internet banking and they are not solved this problem. They also issued KIt but do not working. Kindly guide me how to use my Internet Banking.
    Mohua Ukil

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